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Product NameCooling compressor water dispenser
Item NumberNS-WDC02
DescriptionCooling compressor water dispenser.Cold and hot water dispenser.Electric water dispenser. 1)Heating power: 420W Cooling power: 95W Heating capacity: 5L/h90 Cooling capacity:.2L/h10 2)Stainless steel hot and cold tank 3)hot tank:1.2L,cold tank:2.8L 4)New ABS material 5)Cooling gas:R134a
Product Detail

Cooling compressor water dispenser

Model number:NS-WDC02

Product details

1)Heating power: 420W   
Cooling power: 95W   
Heating capacity: 5L/h90   
Cooling capacity:.2L/h10   
2)Stainless steel hot and cold tank   
3)hot tank:1.2L,cold tank:2.8L   
4)New ABS material   
5)Cooling gas:R134a    
6)ANUODAN compressor
Carton size:33*33*99cm

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