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Product Name£ºSingle Layer Black Power Coating Hood BBQ Grill
Item Number£ºNS-LPC03
Description£ºBBQ Grill.LPG BBQ.Outdoor BBQ.Gas BBQ.Natural BBQ. Single layer black powder coating hood Product size:1220x480x1140mm 3 main burner and 1 side burner
Product Detail

Single Layer Black Power Coating Hood BBQ Grill

Model number:NS-LPC03

Product details

Product size:1220x480x1140mm   
Cooking area: 540 x 400mm   
Single layer black power coating hood   
Power coating single layer doors   
With stainless steel handle   
Single layer black powder coating hood      
Silver powder coating control panle      
Black powder coating layer doors with S/S handle and trolley      
With 3 main burner and 1 side burner            
Stainless steel:430# stainless steel    
Main burner frame:Steel black powder coating   
Hood: Black power coating   
Control panel:Silver powder coating     
Removal Drip Pan: galvanized plate   
Side shelf: steel balck powder coating   
Trolley: steel black powder coating base panel       
Main burner: 3pcs, Stainless steel 32,200BTU, 11,000BTU each   
Cooking grid: punch steel with enamel surface 27cmx39cm x 2pcs   
Warm rack:430# Stainless steel   
Ignition: Electronic    
Control knob: bakelite knob   
Flame tamer Stainless steel 
N.Weight: 28KG    
G.Weight: 32KG    


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