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Product Name£º4Main Burner Wooden Gas Grill BBQ
Item Number£ºNS-LPW01
Description£º4Main Burner Wooden Gas Grill BBQ Product size:1375*630*1135mm Cooking area:650*500mm
Product Detail

4Main Burner Wooden Gas Grill BBQ

Product details:

1.Product size:1375*630*1135mm
2.With SUS 430 round hood and thermometer
3.Rubber Wood with Red Paint body
4.SUS 201 Stainless steel burner and hood handle
5.4 pcs main burners (10000 BTU/HR=2.9KW)
6.2 pcs Cooking Grill : Cast Iron with porcelain enamel
7.Cooking area :650*500mm
8.With 2 pvc wheel without break

First and second carton size:635x650x590 mm 1170x500x125 mm 2ctn/pc

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